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A feast fit for kings!

Range Architecture & Design for India’s leading ready to eat export brand.

As Indians, we 'get' Indian food – but how do you communicate to an outsider for whom it starts and ends with Chicken Tikka Masala? Exotic, yet dated and highly inaccessible, Kitchens of India struggled to make a mark in the US. Icarus created a look that was iconic, royal and recognizably Indian, reinforcing the brand promise of recipes from royal kitchens. A vibrant colour palette traded in the dated look for a modern Indian one and eased navigation through a complex range. These, combined with a home-like, accessible food visualization lent the brand both a sense of romance and everyday accessibility that it previously lacked – allowing it to reach out to a much wider audience.


ITC Foods

What we Did

Range Architecture, Packaging Design, Food Photography & Styling


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