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Chocolate brand design – the one project when the product samples conveniently ‘disappear’ in the office!

From a dusty kiosk in a Haryana village to the rarefied environs of Davos, Switzerland – our designs have been around a fair bit!

Quirky caricatures depicting office colleagues as animals – our in-house illustrators have many ways of honing their craft!

The Bigger Picture – there’s a lot of artists in-house, as our annual art exhibition will vouch for!

Zoom Calls, Google Hangouts – Technology is the latest weapon in our Design Research armoury!

From Greek Mythology to Marine Biology – the inspiration for our naming exercises are many!

A Shopping Trip! The starting point for most of our packaging products as we study the market!

From Saharanpur to Guntur, from Kolkata to Chennai – we’ve been drinking copious amounts of tea to understand consumers’ lives.

263 – that’s the number of names we once had to come up with before finally arriving at something we were satisfied with!

We bring a point of view to every project we’ve worked on – it isn’t just pretty pictures. Although there’s that too!

A texture on a wall, a decoration outside someone’s home – inspiration comes in many different forms. Our eyes are always open!

Glycerin, shaving foam, glue – all ingredients we’ve had to use for some of our food photography assignments!

105 - The number of cafes we went to for research on one project. Work can be great fun too!