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Magical Flavour in Life's Journeys

Crafting a Brand for Specialty Biryani Offerings by Barbeque Nation

In recent years, several new brands with unique propositions have entered the specialty food space, to cater to a very large Biryani loving audience segment. Barbeque Nation was one of them.

BBQ aimed to enter the Specialty Biryani space with a new 'only online' brand and a key focus to highlight its Biryani expertise & offerings, while also telling a strong story to drive delight.

Biryani is a complex social dish that immediately cues love and togetherness. It's a dish we spend time relishing, and when we make it, it is often because we want to make others feel special.
We share memories and stories around biryani - We share journeys with biryani. Looking at Biryani as a fellow traveler or companion in life, a unique brand layer called 'Dum Safar' was specially crafted, focusing on flavorful joys, shared stories and new memories all woven together to make the Biryani experience an interesting journey.


Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd.

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