Strategic Design

We are a Strategic Design Firm. Design at its best clarifies goals as much as it contributes to bringing form to a solution. In fact, our experience is that the latter cannot be done without the former. Organizationally we have evolved both sides of our capability, the ability to clarify purpose and the ability to create experiences across Brands, Products, Services, and Digital touchpoints. So, when clients come to us for a piece of strategic work they don’t leave with just a set of recommendations or a plan… they get a solution packaged into a experience which can be tested with users. This lends confidence and helps speed up the decision making process.


For us, being part of innovation teams is routine. Within these engagements we may define and deliver key parts of the experience through Brands, Products or Services. We also contribute to Innovation at two higher levels - the first, where our work creates or impacts the business model, the second, when our work results in original IP creation. For examples of the latter take a look at Icarus Nova

Brand Strategy

New brands and brands that want to reinvent themselves need to look beyond their own propaganda. This means re-examining their basic reasons to exist and, from that exercise, finding an insight which impacts the perception of opportunity. No framework or slickness of experience can hide the poverty of insight. Our Brand Strategy is closely aligned to our Design Research expertise and our Design Research is focused around discovering insight.

Design Research

What is the hope of every researcher who goes in search of that elusive bird called insight? The hope is that the context will whisper a secret that can be caught. So, the first trick to good insight work is to recognize one when it is handed to you. The second, is to provoke a respondent or context past their conditioning and yours, so that a deeper ‘truth’ can emerge. Our researchers are not passive questioners or investigators but active agents who are often creatively interpreting a response, an impulse. This is the heart of Design Research. To provoke, to evoke, to stimulate, to listen, to observe, to empathize, to interpret, to rephrase. And from there to discover a new landscape of opportunity.


Orchestration, and 24X7 orchestration aligned to user needs is one way to understand Service Design. Pervasive digital technologies are definitely drivers behind this massive opportunity. We have worked on several Service Design projects, some with a digital core and some a human core. It’s the one discipline where all our areas of expertise come together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Our unique capabilities across design research, strategy, digital experience, product design, brand design; photography, engineering, graphics and copywriting allow us to craft compelling Service Experiences.

Brand Design

Just like you and me, every brand needs an unmistakable face. A unique visual identifier that at a glance offers both recognition as well as a glimpse into its soul. Add to it, visual language and tone of voice, and the brand takes on a life and personality that reaches out to and engages consumers. Our design team draws from this understanding, and with years of experience & skill, they craft stellar and differentiated visual work across a brand’s identity, its visual language, its tone of voice and its product packaging.

Packaging Design

Our deep understanding of the vagaries of the FMCG consumer, along with our experience in crafting compelling packs that stand out on shelf, makes us among India’s leading package design consultancies. Typography, illustration, photography, styling and production - we have every skill it takes to be at the cutting edge of package design, making us a truly formidable force, across categories.

Product Design

We have more than 2 decades of product design experience behind us. Our evolution in this space has led us to develop a deep expertise in medical device design. We work closely with start-ups and multinationals to innovate in this space. For more about our work, take a look at Icarus Nova

Digital Design

Branding and Service Design experiences are increasingly being delivered through digital touchpoints. Our understanding of these domains allows us to conceptualize digital solutions for a variety of applications. Be it a website for a brand, a medical device app for a service, or the complete backend of an On-demand Platform, we cover the gamut of digital design with seamless fluency. An eco system of partners ensures that these digital experiences become robust solutions for users.

Design Workshops

We partner with our sister concern, Icarus Nova, to conduct hands-on workshops on design-thinking methodologies that are customized for companies seeking new ways of navigating business challenges.