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Service Design at Icarus

A holistic, strategic framework to understand and design better services for the people that use and deliver them.

Service Design offers a framework and common language for various disciplines to work together to deliver a cohesive and valuable experience for a customer, again and again. 

We at Icarus, bring together research, insight & work with you to strategically define a compelling & unique service proposition. This might be framed around understanding and improving an existing service experience or around creating new opportunities through (product / business / service) innovation. 

For a customer, what you offer is felt as one experience. Our process identifies and defines the key customer journeys and attributes of your service that contribute to these defining customer experiences. The touch-points that support these customer journeys are then designed and orchestrated to work cohesively together. Vertical organisational processes which are often built to support product efficiencies, can sometimes be deterrents to happy customer journeys that flow horizontally forward with time...

Our capabilities across design research, strategy, digital experience, product design, brand design, , engineering, graphics, and copywriting allow us to craft compelling Service Experiences. It’s the one discipline when all our areas of expertise come together to create something bigger than the sum of it's parts. We see it as a holistic, strategic way to design better services for the people that use and deliver them. Here’s a peek into some of our Service Design projects.

We’re Bangalore based, but we work with clients across the globe. We’d love to hear from you!