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Service Strategy and Design for an AI Imaging based Cancer Screening Center The NURA center leverages FUJIFILM Healthcare’s AI technology to provide safe, accurate and quick screening of the 10 most common cancers and lifestyle diseases in asymptomatic, healthy men and women.


In India, common cancers get diagnosed at a late stage. The mortality rate for the top 10 cancers is approximately 70%. As seen in Japan, early detection by regular screening plays a vital role in improving cancer survival rates. Fujifilm Healthcare saw India as an opportunity to mark its entry into the health assessment business in emerging economies. Its ambition was to leverage AI-enabled imaging technology that produced accurate results even at ultra low doses of radiation. This would allow healthy, asymptomatic people to walk in voluntarily and avail periodic screening without a doctor’s prescription. It partnered with Dr Kutty’s Group, which could bring in the operational expertise and aimed to launch a pilot in the IT hub Bengaluru which could have potential early adopters. Fujifilm DKH wanted to position this center as a premium brand experience. An entirely new service model was innovated, defined and designed while creating the NURA brand for this new line of business.


When it comes to services, customers experience the brand primarily through the Service Journey. The brand needed to be woven into an experience. Design research helped us prioritise a scheduled visit, which would feel quick, transparent and empowering. This helped us to define the service proposition and create distinct journeys and spatial layouts for men and women. Digital touchpoints needed to be used strategically to support these journeys and were defined and designed in tandem. Key business teams such as the Architects, Technology, Marketing, HR, Operations were briefed so as to be able to execute service aspects as per the experience concept.The brand was positioned as an addition to a person’s health sustaining practices like dietary control, exercise regimen and having a positive social life. All aspects of the brand from design to rollout were executed in-house.