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Healthy Snacking the Desi-licious Way!

Extending Tata Soulfull's Millet Mania into the Oats Category

What makes healthy snacking more exciting to the mass-premium Indian consumer? As Tata Soulfull ventured into the breakfast and snacks category with their new healthy millet-mixed Oats offering, their key objective was to appeal to audiences because of their special recipes for the desi palate. This wasn't just Oats, it was Oats with a desi twist! For us, the pack design challenge was maintaining the balance between Soulfull's minimal pack design style alongside the fun and taste desi masalas bring in. Each pack design was well thought out - right from the subtle Indian pattern in the backdrop, to the tasty masaledar foodshots; the vibrant colours and the one of a kind sub-brand mark for Oats with Millets. Our work took Soulfull Oats with Millets packaging from just healthy to super tasty and fun!



What we Did

Visual Architecture, Sub-brand Identity, Pack Designs, Food Composition


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