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I take the liberty to interpret and draw the subject my way.

While daily work (and life!) has constraints, I find that practicing 30 min of rapid sketching, helps free up my thoughts and gives me the opportunity to practice painting, something I have trained in but often don’t get the time to pursue. I like drawing ‘altered realities’, where I take the liberty to interpret the subject my way. 

These set of dry pastel sketches are scenes around Richard’s park, near our office. I have attempted geometric abstraction and used colours that came to me instinctly.


This is a road near the Holy Ghost Church.I’ve used lines and textures to bring in an emotional angle, of “loneliness”.


This is a tight frame of a cart selling sweet pomelo and chikoo. I’ve used basic shapes like circles and lines and stayed away from trying to represent flavours or “mouthfeel”.


I saw this auto near the Richard’s park wall and juxtaposed both of them. I’ve written a story about the park on the right and the auto on the left. I’ve brought in dark lines as a key feature.


Building near office

Here's a recent branding project, where I’ve explored a version of geometric abstraction- in the key visual unit, a handmade font and the treatment of strong black lines. 



Sketching style will develop over time. Start with whatever you feel like. 

Go out and draw. There is enough inspiration out there!

Force yourself to finish within the time limit

Don't hesitate to draw strong lines. So what if there are mistakes?

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso


The ultimate stylist, Jinto's work combines breathtaking beauty with modern elegance. A Senior Graphic Designer, he has a keen interest in typography and an unmatched eye for refinement. Jinto takes inspiration from work of artists like Henri-mile-Beno Matisse.